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Lin is since many years one of Swedens most sought after tantra therapist and dakini. She works with men, women and couples when it comes to intimacy, emotions, relationships, sexuality and everything that has to do with the body and mind connection. Her approach is scientific and with a deep spiritual awareness.

She welcomes you to a respectful, allowing and loving space to explore your deepest desires and longings to a combination of coaching, bodywork, NLP, yoni and lingam work, relaxation, hypnoses, and healing therapy. A place to be held as you are and to transform in to who you are to become.



As a bodyworker and practitioner in the arts of Dearmouring, Holistic Therapy and Coaching - she aims for the core wounds in your being. Whatever physical or emotional pain that is hidden in the body and psyche - she is in service to liberate through all the tools she achieved in personal and spiritual development. 

Lindas direction is to constantly expand her own personal container. Her commitment to this life is a surrender to the greatest good - to move and work through her. Intention is to hold space for all parts inside her clients that shows up for transformation, whether those parts are light or dark. 

Being an intuitive empath with sharp presence, a massive loving heart and a gaze that sees beyond all layers - she is honoured to be your ally, your fierce guardian - to follow and guide you through anything that is in the way of your truth.




In Hanies sessions she offers bodywork for both men and women, with focus on circulating energy and awakening of your Sacred feminine and maskuline. By bringing you into full presence we will establish a healthy reconnection to yourself and your sexuality. 

A session also helps for Tension and stress, depression & anxiety - release stuck emotions and let go of whatever thoughts that do not serve you anymore. There will be different practices that will be explored in the sessions, including: Sound and breathe, Tantric touch, De armouring and talking therapy. 

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Leneisja invites you into a space of loving presence where it is safe to explore and expose wounded and
shameful parts and to learn how you can embrace all of you. She is committed to allow you to expand
your life into more love. Each session is unique and supports growth in your life. She works with a
therapeutic approach inspired by Tantric practice and philosophy, the theory of flow in life, breathwork,
the healing power of nature, yoga and body awareness.

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Aleah Ava

Italy/ online

Aleah Ava is a Spiritual Psychologist and Tantra Therapist. She supports both couples and individuals in navigating through the much needed deeper inner healing work to achieve supreme clarity, emotional liberation from the past and full sovereignty and empowerment.


Through her own method - emotional recycling - she enables her clients to safely and consciously re-access repressed unintegrated feelings. Integration and healing happens through the safe and vulnerable exposure of those feelings, the necessary grief work and the overwriting with the heart-based frequency of love & pleasure.


Carl - Mikael


Carl Mikael believes in the deeper meeting between people and is passionate about helping people open up and find a home in themselves. Acceptance, balance and intuition are key words that permeate his life both privately and professionally. Carl Mikael is a certified Psychosynthesis therapist and a trained tantric therapist. He has many years of experience in tantra, bodywork and bioenergetics.




Stephanie is a certified coach, massage and tantra therapist and is 
passionate about the power of touch and the body's inherent healing 
capacity. She welcomes women and men.
A session can support you to re-program yourself from feeling shame and 
guilt around your body, your sexual energy, your pleasure and to replace 
those beliefs with the experience that pleasure is natural.
"With a tantric session we want to uncover the fully perfect and 
powerful human that you already are. Like uncovering a crystal so that 
it can shine in it's full beauty."




Irene is a skillful bodyworker with more than 20 years of experience. She offers both workshops and individual body sessions specialised in pelvic floor release and taoist sexual practice.  She has a strong confidence in the body´s own strength of healing ability. Let the body become the scorce of recovery, pleasure and wisdom it is ment to be. Irene is also the author of two acclaimed books in Taoist sexuality, one for men and one for women.

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Anna works with people who want to find their full potential of loving and living. She is a child of the earth who can help you to deepen and strengthen your roots, so you are able to fully blossom. In her work she uses elements of body-, breath-, voice-, mind- and conscious touch work. Anna also works together with a male therapist, together they offer sessions for groups and couples.




Blossom brings her unique ability to provide affectionate connection, presence, release, relief and ease around vulnerable topics such as sexuality, intimacy and relating through conscious intimate touch, (including cuddling, lingham and yoni healing, and tantric massage techniques) unconditional presence, intuition and intimacy coaching. 



Wold wide

Violeta Labella is a Yoni Egg Authority, and Intimacy Coach who specializes in Women’s Healing Arts. In her Tantra Therapy sessions she incorporates Tantric Awareness practices, Intimacy Coaching and De-Armouring Body Work.

Her work is about creating a safe, nurturing and empowering space for women to get in touch with their pleasure, sensuality, and their powerhouse - the Yoni. 

Violeta is nothing short of a sassy, feminine bad-ass, maternal creatrix, and her life mission is to help women strip away what does not serve them, to remind them what they innately came here to be - pleasurably loving and wildly free. 




Amelia Is a qualified tantra therapist and intuitive healer with over 10 years experience in making the seemingly impossible, possible.


Amelia creates a safe, loving, professional and non-judgemental space where her clients heal the past, explore the richness of their inner world and expand into the greatest version of themselves.


By igniting and channelling your sexual energy through the body, Amelia will assist you in clearing old wounds, rewiring your neural pathways, connecting to your true power and actualising your deepest desires into your life.


Amelia is delighted to work with women and men, in person (London) and online (worldwide)

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Desiree offers holistic and intuitive coaching, body- and energy-work for women in Switzerland and online, with a focus on bringing balance and harmony to the body, mind, and soul. By working with her strong intuition, she brings you into a state of full presence where profound spiritual and personal transformation can happen. A session is made according to your needs, consent, and desires. This will support you to release what is no longer in your highest intention, help you to gain clarity in your life, and establish a healthy connection to yourself.



Born with a curious mind and an eager to explore what the world out there can offer, Boris have commited himself to a life were he is dedicated to personal growth on all levels. 

With a wide experience from different teachers and inspirational leaders he has chosen to follow a path he is totally dedicated to – The birthright for every soul to be themselves, exactly as they are. He inspires people to have as much fun as they want and he is dedicated to live a life in ease on all levels. 

Boris believes that every human soul is perfect just as they are.



Zara’s journey to be a therapist has begun with her own healing. She struggled with bulimia and lived with a distorted self-image most of her life. For a long time she believed that the path to healing was to create complete control over everything. It is only when she began to let go and trust that she began to feel true happiness. Zara is here to show you how capable your body is of feeling pleasure and how that journey seems to have no end. Zaras journey can help you find the way to yourself and the way to true connection with other people.



Kristina learned through yoga and tantra to listen to the wisdom of the body, and she found a way out of cronic illness and back to balance. She is dedicated in supporting and empower you to reconnect to your own healing life energy force, and find more balance and joy by trusting that life is always on your side. Also when meeting challenge she believes it happens FOR you and not TO you. In a session we create together a safe place for exploration and expansion of what is present for you. Depending on your needs it can take a form of coaching, somatic exploration of the body, sensual massage, breathwork, de-armouring etc.





I'm an intuitive Bodyworker and I have practiced my whole life intimate meetings and listening to peoples personal journeys. My relationships healed through personal development with Tantra and I offer the same oppurtunity for other couples. I have embraced the dark parts of me, brought them to light and I am curious of other peoples shadows and the big perspective to oneself. My gift is I am very good to hear a bodys longing and desires. I work alot with sexual healing and wishes from within. I use meditation breathwork, bodywork, energy work, and beautiful co-creation together with the clients

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