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You only live once...

...how much do you allow yourself to enjoy it?



Stockholm Örebro

Lin is since many years one of Swedens most sought after tantra therapist and dakini. She works with men, women and couples when it comes to intimacy, emotions, relationships, sexuality and everything that has to do with the body and mind connection. Her approach is scientific and with a deep spiritual awareness.

She welcomes you to a respectful, allowing and loving space to explore your deepest desires and longings to a combination of coaching, bodywork, NLP, yoni and lingam work, relaxation, hypnoses, and healing therapy. A place to be held as you are and to transform in to who you are to become.



Frida works with Tantra Therapy as a deep and intimate exploration with yourself. A door opening into your own world of reality. A way to open up for greater consciousness, more pleasure, and opportunities in life. Frida Works with the body and mind in an expansion approach to healing. Releasing fear, blockages, tension, and invasive patterns through; NLP coaching, conscious touch, bodywork and yoni massage. She warmly welcomes you like men or women to explore the whole of you with love and presence in a safe space where you will be held and listened to.


Göteborg/ Berlin

In Hanies sessions she offers bodywork for both men and women, with focus on circulating energy and awakening of your Sacred feminine and maskuline. By bringing you into full presence we will establish a healthy reconnection to yourself and your sexuality. 

A session also helps for Tension and stress, depression & anxiety - release stuck emotions and let go of whatever thoughts that do not serve you anymore. There will be different practices that will be explored in the sessions, including: Sound and breathe, Tantric touch, De armouring and talking therapy. 



Leneisja invites you into a space of loving presence where it is safe to explore and expose wounded and
shameful parts and to learn how you can embrace all of you. She is committed to allow you to expand
your life into more love. Each session is unique and supports growth in your life. She works with a
therapeutic approach inspired by Tantric practice and philosophy, the theory of flow in life, breathwork,
the healing power of nature, yoga and body awareness.



The info about Hildur will soon appair here.



Stephanie supports women to free themselves from blockages and tensions around their body, sexuality and femininity. 
In a safe and held space, you are invited to lovingly meet those wounded places in yourself. Opening up to more aliveness, self-love and femininity.
The sessions can include coaching, bodywork, energetic work, yoni healing and soft de-armoring. 



Irene is a skillful bodyworker with more than 20 years of experience. She offers both workshops and individual body sessions specialised in pelvic floor release and taoist sexual practice.  She has a strong confidence in the body´s own strength of healing ability. Let the body become the scorce of recovery, pleasure and wisdom it is ment to be. Irene is also the author of two acclaimed books in Taoist sexuality, one for men and one for women.



Anna works with people who want to find their full potential of loving and living. She is a child of the earth who can help you to deepen and strengthen your roots, so you are able to fully blossom. In her work she uses elements of body-, breath-, voice-, mind- and conscious touch work. Anna also works together with a male therapist, together they offer sessions for groups and couples.