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Remember how it is to be really close to someone you care about. Can you feel this warm feeling of love and the energy that moves around your heart when you are holding someone who really need you? 

Now imagine a life where you are actually paid to be present, empathic and loving, sharing pleasure, insights and hope to the world.


The daka/dakini training is a 6 months program that will certify you to work as a therapist, coach or educator within the field of tantra, sacred sexuality and relationships. This is a unique training found nowhere else on the planet, and it mixes the ancient mystic traditions of tantra modern science in an illuminative way.


You are on the right path, and this is the training for you. My name is Lin and I run one of the most famous sex coach/ tantra therapist trainings in Europe. I have educated many hundrades of students in my programs, and this training is my favourite one.


I have walked the same path as you do. I went through deep pain in my past and through healing my own wounds I got access to a profound knowledge, embedded in all of us. The knowledge of healing love. 


This training is to support you to make your passion a profession, or to develop your gifts as a partner to support your beloveds sexuality.


Your path is unique and my job is to extract your personal gemstones and make you confident in your power. Our mission is a better and more loving world and it all starts right here.



Everyone are looking for a more satisfying sex life and most people need support in how to release stress, performance anxiety and fear around intimacy and relationships. 


The training gives you a deep and embodied knowledge of sacred sexual bodywork and you can choose the level of intimacy you want to use in your work.


You will be able to work with trauma, pleasure and healing orgasm in a safe way after the training.


After the tantra therapist training you are certified to work as tantra therapist or sex coach.


This unique method offers you a hands on therapy where your client can explore and express all kinds of emotions and discover boundaries and desires.

The training offers you self healing, energy management exercises and tools to increase your own enjoyment.


Your job is to be a role model and to embody the wisdom that you transmit. By creating a life in pleasure and peace, already your presence will be healing


As a tantra therapist or sex coach your life has to be abundant in order for you to have space to facilitate deep healing for others.


Therefore the business coaching is an important part of the training to make you take home a very good profit and to value what you offer to the world.


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You only live once... much do you allow yourself to enjoy it?