Are you ready to make your passion a profession?

Join us for a empowering training to learn everything you need to work as a tantra therapist, dakini or sacred sexual healer.

Who is this training for?

This training is for you who feel called. For you who wants to use your own transformation, your own healing in order to heal others. It is for you who want to be a part of changing the world to a better and more loving place.
You can choose if you want this training to be a professional training or for private use. Maybe you are already working with therapy, in medicine or alternative healing arts and you want to deepen your knowledge in how to heal sexual trauma or how to use body contact to balance hormone levels and aid the bodys natural healing powers.
Maybe you are a yogi, a dancer or a dedicated tantrica who wants to turn your passion to a profession. Or a woman who wants to use the sacred temple arts to heal the people you have relationships to without aspiering to be a therapist. This training is just right for you.

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