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Congratulations! This is the most rewarding and satisfying job you can have.

A profession with a lot of freedom to work where ever you want and when ever you like.

A profession that gives you abundance, not only financially but also... abundance of love!


This training is offered to anyone who feel called to do tantric healing work, relationship or sex coaching. 

Either professionally or as a partner to someone who experienced deep sexual trauma. 

The Tantra Therapist Training by the Art of Love is a unique training that makes you create a bright future for your self within the field of sex coaching, tantric healing, education or bodywork.

New start in May 2024

The training consists of four modules

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Home studies

An exciting course material and a mind-blowing online course with videos to keep after the training. 

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Massage and energy work


Residential at Skeppsudden in Sweden this week is all about the foundation of tantra: Shadow work, bodywork & energy work

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Therapist Training

Residential at Skeppsudden this week is all about creating exciting, fun and beautiful sessions with your clients.

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Test Clients & Self therapy

The last module is done in your own pace. Here you work with test clients and receive therapy your self.


The training runs twice per year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. You can do the modules separately throughout  year 2024.

You get access to the online material as soon as you sign up to the training.



Module 1 - Online course, as soon as you pay!



MAY 13th to 19th

Module 2

Massage Week at Skeppsudden

JUNE 10th to 16th

Module 3

 Tantra Therapy Week at Skeppsudden

Module  4 - Test clients & self therapy starts as soon as you finished module 3. 


Extra gift...

Your success is important to me.
That's why I add a special gift for you when you are done with the training. 
The online business program SPIRITUAL BUSINESS is a appreciated course for healers, therapists & coaches containing everything you need to know to get a successful start.

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Value 590 €


Working with tantra is a calling from the heart.

It's a truth that compels you to listen.

To work as a tantra therapist or a sex coach is the most rewarding proffession you can have in so many ways. 


Imagine the world as your work field, exotic places and exciting meetings with people from all countries and cultures. Or would you rather have your workplace in your own city or village, supporting your local community with preventive healthcare, couples therapy and sex education? 


The opportunities are endless and before you lies a life of love and pleasure.


Whether you choose this training to be your future profession or something you will share only with your closest loved ones, you are going to make a big impression on the world just by taking this step. 


I have done this work for almost two decades now, starting with women and yoga therapy for pain and pregnancy and continuing with a carrieere within yoga, personal development, coaching and tantra.


Now I am passing on this knowledge to you and I am bridging science and mysticism in a way that gives you a deep and profound initiation into the tantric healing work.


I believe in a world where there is peace and freedom, and I know it starts with us.


Welcome to a life changing training.

Lin Lovely


The total price of the training 
Total price: 4.5000 SEK

You can divide it on three invoices or pay all at once.

1st of April 2024
Pay all three levels at once, before 1st of April and get 4000 SEK discount.

The price includes food and accommodation in dormitory at Skeppsudden.
ouble room can be added for 1200 SEK per week.

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