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To be a skillful tantric bodyworker or tantra therapist, you need to walk the talk.

Therefore the first part of your training is self studies and self practice. The online course is designed for you to master the techniques you want to use in your profession.
To master, and to see the result of the tantric practices in your own life.

Prepare yourself for a deep and life transforming journey where you will resolve your old patterns around love and relationships. Release energetic blockages and find new and exciting spaces within yourself.

Through this process you will find the wisdom of you wounds and open up to radical self compassion. 
This is the foundation for a passionate future within tantric bodywork or therapy.


Make your passion a profession!

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Dive in to exiting topics like:

History of the daka & dakini
What is tantra therapy
Tantric philosophy
The role of the therapist/ coach
Spiritual anatomy - the connection between the       physical body and the energetic body
Healing with pleasure
The importance of intention
What is trauma
What is memory
How to remodel memories
The power of relaxation, how to switch between tension and release
Polyvagal theory
Coaching modalities

The online material also contains many exercises and meditations, illustrated with tasteful videos to do yourself and together with your future clients.


Creating safety

Establishing rapport

Ecology check

Set the boundaries

Ritual to open a transformative space


Activation and expansion of energy body

Sexual qigong

Unveiling ceremony

Yoga to open the sexual energy (kundalini)

Self love practices

Massage modules

Oxytocin Stimuli

Releasing emotions

Circulation of energy

Yab Yum





Bodywork module

The second module is residential at Skeppsudden. It is all about tantric massage and sacred sexual bodywork. This knowledge is impossible to get online, but you will be well prepared from the online module that you have finished earlier.


In this module you will meet men and women from all over the world who are dedicated to tantra and touch.

You will learn:

Fascia massage

Empty hand technique

Present touch

Touch games

Activating pleasure through self touch

Triggerpoint/ dearmouring massage

Inner dearmouring of mouth and throat

Chakra activation/ energetic sex

Body to Body massage

Yoni Activation

Sacred Spot 

Lingam Activation

Tantric full body massage

Massage to awaken sexual energy

Grounding and relaxing tantric massage



13th  -  19th 2024 

Tantra massage and tantric bodywork is all about using your intuition and follow the energy. How ever, to be able to use your intuition you need to have reference points, experiences. Through this training we will learn different modules of tantra massage. Some of which you will use intuitively during your massage sessions. We are also working to increase our sensibility in the body to be able to feel more pleasure and to flow with the energi during a bodywork session. 



Therapy curriculum

10th - 16th 2024 


The third module is residential at Skeppsudden. Here you will work with creating creative, fun and loving sessions. We will als have enlightening workshops with the topics of:

How to apply tantric therapy
Holding space for natural transformation
The foundation of tantric healing
Kundalini activation
Polarity work
Pelvic floor relase
Yoni mapping
Orgasmic birthgiving
Healing sexual abuse
Working with couple therapy
Dealing with sexual dysfunctions
Sexual shamanism 
Sexual hypnoses
Men wisdom circle
Womens wisdom circle
Sexual Magic​
Developing your superpowers as a daka/ dakini
Practice of giving sessions
Creating ceremonies

A big part of being a tantra therapies is being able to co regulate your clients. The Tantra Therapist Training allows you to learn how to fully regulate your own nervous system in any situation. This of course has huge benefits in all aspects of life. A part of the tantric practice is to contain large amounts of energy.

Another part of the tantric practices is to be aware of your boundaries and to expand them. This of course has a big impact on every day life. And as a tantra therapist we get to practice this - at work!

Test Clients


How its done...




The last part of the training is the certification process. Here you will give 3 sessions each to totally 4 clients. If you want to work with same sex sessions only int the future, you can choose same sex clients only. If you want to work with opposite sex only or both, you ave to choose two men and two women. You can also choose couples as trial clients. One couple counts as one client.

Here you will explore your methods.

Do you want to work online or irl, with touch or only through verbal coaching. This is your playground.

Your clients will not pay anything for your sessions, instead they will give you valuable feedback.

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An important part of this training is self therapy.

During the training you will be coupled up with another student and you will be offered 10 hours of online therapy as a part of your education. You will also give 10 hours of online therapy to one of your co - students. This is a very valuable way to debrief your tantric work and to see fast progress in your own personal and spiritual growth.


The total price of the training 
Total price: 45.000 SEK
You can divide it on three invoices or pay all at once.

1st of April 2024
Pay all three levels at once, before 1st of August and get 4000 SEK discount.

The price includes food and accommodation in dormitory at Skeppsudden.
Double room can be added for 1200 SEK
 per week.

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