This course in tantra massage or sacred sexual bodywork is a training for anyone who wish to deepen their skills in tantra massage. This course is a three step experience, beginning with a online education and continuing with a weeklong training with hands on practice of all the techniques and methods.   


The training is followed by period of meeting trial clients and when you finished the course you are certified as a tantra massage practitioner.


Tantra Massage gives you the power to really open your partner up up to emotional, sensual and sexual healing only through touch. Used at home with your partner, tantric massage enhances your orgasmic potential, leading to deeper connection to your partner and deep spiritual experiences together. Used as a therapy you can aid people to heal from physical, emotional and spiritual pain, traumas and stagnated energy.


Tantra Massage Training

4 months certification

As soon as you pay...

The education starts online with a unique and exciting text and video material with all the theory behind tantra massage and how to offer a professional and safe space for this powerful bodywork. You have access to the video material even after the training.

After finishing the online education we will meet for a hands on practicing training starting the 17th of April 2023 at Skeppsudden in Sweden.

After the training at Skeppsudden you will have two months to give two massage sessions to four trial clients. After their evaluation you will be certified to work as a tantra masseur. 

In addition you will get a business management course online to make you start your business fast and easy and to make sure you will have a good profit of your work.

This training is a unique and groundbreaking education, founded on modern science and with the roots in traditional and spiritual tantra.


17th to 23rd of April 2023


Tantra Massage - training

The week at Skeppsudden is all about tantric massage and sacred sexual bodywork. You will meet men and women from all over the world that are dedicated to tantra and touch.

We will learn:

  • Fascia massage

  • Empty hand technique

  • Present touch

  • Touch games

  • Activating pleasure through self touch

  • Triggerpoint/ dearmouring massage

  • Inner dearmouring of mouth and throat

  • Chakra activation/ energetic sex

  • Body to Body massage

  • Yoni Activation

  • Sacred Spot 

  • Lingam Activation

  • Tantric full body massage

  • Massage to awaken sexual energy

  • Grounding and relaxing tantric massage


Working as a tantra masseur is not only pleasurable and fun, it is a deep responsibility and a valuable gift to your clients.


Don't get lost in the classic "healers trap", charging a low price to your clients and being forced to have another job on the side. A part of this training is a valuable and powerful business management and marketing course. With this course you will be able to run a successful business in the field of sacred sexuality and spirituality that is both spiritually and financially rewarding.

I have done this work for almost two decades now, starting with women and yoga therapy for pain and pregnancy and continuing with a carrieere within yoga, personal development, coaching and tantra.


Now I am passing on this knowledge to you and I am bridging science and mysticism in a way that gives you a deep and profound initiation into the tantric healing work.


I believe in a world where there is peace and freedom, and I know it starts with us.


Welcome to a life changing training.

Lin Lovely


Price for the whole training

Early bird - Pay everything on one bill before 1st of April 25.000 Sek 
food and accomodation is included

 price: 27.000 Sek
If you need to split the bills you divide the course fee like this:

Online Education

1100 € 

The complete material of texts, pre recorded videos and three zoom classes plus a community of students to share your journey with. Included in the price is zoom classes and a certification process. After being diplomised you will receive yet another online course on how to create a successful business.

Tantra Massage

1600 € 

The price includes food and accommodation in dormitory at Skeppsudden. Double room can be added for 200 €