This training is for anyone who feel called to do healing work or sex coaching, either proffessionally or as a partner to someone who experienced deep sexual trauma, or for those of you who simply want to level up your sexlife and make sex your key to a healthy and happy life.


The truth is that sex and touch is medicine and without this profound medicine, we get sick. Lack of physical intimacy and sex will disturb our emotions, make the mind anxious and eventually the body will develop psychosomatic and stress related diseases. With a good relationship and a satisfying sexlife the immunesystem is boosted and your life is prolonged.


Today there is an increased need for our services and the career opportunities are endless. The Tantra Therapist Training by the Art of Love is a unique training that makes you create a bright future for your self within the field of sex coaching, tantric healing, education or bodywork.


Tantra Therapist Training

6 months certification

1st of September - 2021

The education starts online with a unique and exciting text and video material with all the theory and all the exercises that you can use in therapy. The manual is a powerful guide to tantric therapy and sex coaching and you have access to the video material even after the training.

Additionally we have 3 online gatherings where we discuss the online course and where we have room for sharing together with the participants from all over the world.


September 7th, 14th and 28th at Time: 18.00 - 19.30

The content in the online education is:


  • The History of the daka and dakini

  • What is sex and relationship therapy?

  • The role of the therapist

  • Creating safety

  • Establishing rapport

  • Set the intention

  • Ecology check

  • Set the boundaries

  • Ritual to open a transformative space

  • Consent

  • Anathomy & physiology

  • Coaching Modalities

  • What is trauma

  • The connection between mind and body

  • What is memory - how to remodel memories

  • Activation and expansion of energy body
  • Sexual qigong
  • Self love & unveiling ceremonies
  • Yoga to open the sexual energy (kundalini)

  • The role of the therapist

  • The power of relaxation, how to switch from trauma to release
  • Healing with pleasure

  • A big bank with exercises for clients whether they come as an individual or as a couple.


4th - 10th of October 2021


Tantra Massage - course

The first week at Skeppsudden is all about tantric massage and sacred sexual bodywork. You will meet men and women from all over the world that are dedicated to tantra and touch.

We will learn:

  • Fascia massage

  • Empty hand technique

  • Present touch

  • Touch games

  • Activating pleasure through self touch

  • Triggerpoint/ dearmouring massage

  • Inner dearmouring of mouth and throat

  • Chakra activation/ energetic sex

  • Body to Body massage

  • Yoni Activation

  • Sacred Spot 

  • Lingam Activation

  • Tantric full body massage

  • Massage to awaken sexual energy

  • Grounding and relaxing tantric massage

1st to 7th of November 2021


Tantra Therapy - course 


The second week at Skeppsudden is for practicing tantric therapy. In this part of the training you will be divided into men in one group and women in another group. You will have some of the lectures together and some separate.


  • How to support transformation
  • How to apply tantric therapy
  • Holding space for natural transformation
  • The foundation of tantric healing
  • Polarity work

  • Pelvic floor relase
  • Yoni mapping
  • Dominance and surrender
  • Orgasmic birthgiving
  • Healing sexual abuse
  • Working with couple therapy
  • Dealing with sexual dysfunctions
  • Sexual shamanism 
  • Sexual hypnoses
  • Men wisdom circle
  • Womens wisdom circle

  • Sexual Magic​

  • Developing your superpowers as a daka/ dakini

  • Practice of giving sessions

  • ​Creating ceremonies

  • Practice and mentoring 

  • Feedback Program

  • Transmission Training


I believe that it is a revolutionary work that we are doing. The world needs us and you should be well compensated for your work. Abundance and financial independency is a state of mind, and you will be a better therapist with this state of mind.


That is why you will have access to a online course on how to build a successful company within the field of tantric therapy.


During the second week at Skeppsudden we will have a photographer on site and it is possible for you to get your promotion pictures taken. You pay only for the photos you want to use.

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Assistants & Co Teachers


Carl Mikael  

Assistant Teacher

Carl Mikael believes in the deeper meeting between people and is passionate about helping people open up and find a home in themselves. Acceptance, balance and intuition are key words that permeate his life both privately and professionally. The drive to help others is a result of the inner journey of discovery that Carl-Mikael himself has devoted himself to for most of his adult life. Carl Mikael is a certified Psychosynthesis therapist and a trained tantric therapist. He has many years of experience in tantra, bodywork and bioenergetics. Today he works actively with individual and couple therapy, bodywork and tantra massage and runs the workshop room Studio Hanami where the course in personal development, liberating breathing and tantra is held.


Torbjörn Hellmouth


One of Torbjörn's strongest driving forces is to challenge the stigma surrounding the concept of trauma. He is convinced that we all carry large and small traumas that affect us in all encounters with people around us. With the right support, we can create the conditions for healing. Torbjörn's ability to create a safe space makes him an appreciated guide in the exploration of your inner life. After a long career as a police officer, with crisis support and behavior change as his specialty, he is today running his own business as a hypnosis and tantra therapist and alternates private sessions, group development, conflict management and leadership development. During the Conrona pandemic, Torbjörn has been involved in supporting the medical staff in the Stockholm Region. Right now he is planning the opening of his own holistic retreat center on Gotland.


Namaya Devi


Namaya Devi is a Tantric Therapist and a Spirtual Coach and she has a natural way of creating a safe space where you are invited to observe, explore and release the hidden, unconscious, secret, shameful or wounded parts of you that keep you stuck in certain areas of your life. She has a loving, non-judmental, serene and relaxing presence, which allows you to dive deep into yourself and your body. Every session is unique, empowering and expanding. Namaya works intuitive, with healing energy, bodywork, breathwork, movement and mindset with both men and women.

The daka and dakini work is a calling from the heart. It's a truth that compels you to listen. To work as a tantra therapist or a sex coach is the most rewarding proffession you can have in so many ways. 


Imagine the world as your work field, exotic places and exciting meetings with people from all countries and cultures. Or would you rather have your workplace in your own city or village, supporting your local community with preventive healthcare, couples therapy and sex education? 


The opportunities are endless and before you lies a life of love and pleasure.


Whether you choose this training to be your future profession or something you will share only with your closest loved ones, you are about to make a big impression on the world by taking this step. 


I have done this work for almost two decades now, starting with women and yoga therapy for pain and pregnancy and continuing with a carrieere within yoga, personal development, coaching and tantra.


Now I am passing on this knowledge to you and I am bridging science and mysticism in a way that gives you a deep and profound initiation into the tantric healing work.


I believe in a world where there is peace and freedom, and I know it starts with us.


Welcome to a life changing training.

Lin Lovely



Online Education

900 € - payed before July 1st

1100 € - payed after July 1st

The complete material of texts, pre recorded videos and six zoom classes plus a community of students to share your journey with.

Tantra Massage

1300 € - Payed before Sept 1st

1450 € - payed after Sept 1st

The price includes food and accommodation in dormitory at Skeppsudden. Double room can be added for 1500 Sek

Tantric Therapy

1300 € - Payed before Okt 1st

1450 € - payed after Okt 1st

The price includes food and accommodation in dormitory at Skeppsudden. Double room can be added for 1500 Sek