Dakini Training


Traditionally a dakini is a woman who masters sexual energy and is open to transmit life force energy to the world for the purpose of healing.
This education is based on science and merges science and spirituality in a way that you will not get elsewhere in the world.  You can choose if you want to use this training to become a tantra therapist, sexual healer or for your own and your partners pleasure only.
In this training we will accept a group of maximum 16 woman for a four weeks long education in therapy, trauma healing, wheel of consent, coaching modalities, NLP, meditation, body work, breathwork, dearmouring, sacred dance, ceremonial theatre, transfiguration, tantra massage, yoni, anus & lingam massage and tantric temple ceremonies. 

What to expect

In this training you will learn the science behind healing, tantra and energy work as well as the practical parts of bodywork, coaching and energytransmissions.​ ​You will learn how to hold space for source energy, and what source energy is from a scientific perspective. This training includes tantric bodywork, massage, yoni and lingam healing and activation as well as dearmouring and how to hold space for the amount of emotions that may be released during tantric bodywork. You will learn ceremonial work and temple arts, sexual hypnoses and how to work with different clients with various blockages and disorders. Since this training is only for women, we will bring in men from outside as models for the bodywork that require a male body to work on.
After the training you will get a certificate of attendance, and if you are approved from the teachers team, you will get a 6 months home practice program where you will work with your own clients and have the clients feedback their experience to the teachers team. When your home practice is approved, you get at therapist diploma and can work all over the world with individual sessions, massage, healing or couples work.  
You will be put in to a mentoring program, so you have a partner during the whole training as well as after to mentor and be mentored by. 
You can take the training either in Berlin or in Koh Phangan. The training is non residential.
THAILAND Koh Phangan
8th to 28th of February
Early bird before Oct 1st: 2700 €
Standard price after Oct 2nd: 3000 €
Week one - online:
Anatomy and physiology
Coaching Modalities
What is trauma
The connection between mind and body
What is memory - how to remodel memories
How to support transformation
How to apply tantric therapy
Week One
Wheel of consent
Holding space for natural transformation
The foundation of tantric healing
Empty hand techinque
The power of relaxation, how to switch from trauma to release
Foundations of dearmouring
Opening of the physical body
Access the mind
Activation and expansion of energybody
Sexual qigong
Self love & unvailing ceremony
Tantra Massage - different types and traditions
Week Two
Pelvic floor relase
Yoni healing
Yoni mapping
Lingam healing
Sacred spot men/ women
Dominance and surrender
Orgasmic birthgiving
Healing sexual abuse
Working with couple therapy
Dealing with sexual dysfunctions
Sexual shamanism 
Sexual hypnoses
Men wisdom circle
Healing with pleasure
This week includes giving and recieveing yoni massage, yoni healing and sacred spot massage.
It includes giving tantra massage, lingam massage and sacred spot massage to male models.
Week 3
Sexual Magic
Developing your superpowers as a dakini
Practice of giving sessions
​Creating ceremonies
Practice and mentoring 
Feedback Program
Transmission Training
How to build a successful company
This week includes a temple night with invited men where we practice sacred sexual healing.
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Included in the training is this unique study literature that merges the ancient wisdom of tantra and sacred temple arts with modern science. The literature contains coaching modalities and exercises to do with you clients or with your lovers. 

The training is non residential and located in Koh Phangan
Food and accommodation is not included in the price.

There are a few trainings offered by different organizers in the field of sacred sexual bodywork. 

It is good to remember that you cant offer good therapy after only one week of training or after attending a online course only. There are a few risks of taking a too short education since we are working with very delicate matters, and in some countries - in the grey zone of legality.

We will only certify the therapists who fully embody the arts of a dakini and the knowledge of a therapist.  In the mentoring program there will be a lot of support for you to grow in to this role fully.

Lin Holmquist

Lin Holmquist is your main teacher. She is a yoga therapist, NLP practitioner,  personal trainer, masseur & health consultant - and one of Swedens most sought after tantra therapists.


She is a lecturer and author of the book "SEX - sanningar & myter" a book about sexuality for young readers. 


Lin works with the whole world as field for sessions, workshops and trainings in the field of tantra. 

She will bring in local co teachers to inspire you during this training.  

Price and application:

Training in Thailand Koh Phangan:

Early bird before Oct 1st 2700 €

After Oct 2nd 3000 €

To secure your spot at the training you will pay 25% in advance. The deposit is non refundable. In case of Covid - 19 travel restrictions you will be fully refunded. You can cancel your participation until 1st of January 2021- after that you need doctors certificate to cancel.

Food and accommodation is not included in the price.


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